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It is a professional process, which allows nationals or residents of the United States:
1. Correct negative marks on your credit history.
2. Access to better financial opportunities.
3. Increase their credit score.

How it works?

Negative Accounts

We remove the negative marks from your credit history that are affecting your credit score, we do this through customized claims processes directly with the different Credit Bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion).

Delinquent accounts

Delinquencies are the first step to affect your credit history, your score starts to decrease and your credit starts to be affected, that’s why our team of experts designs customized strategies to correct them and help you have better financial opportunities.

Collection accounts

Collections are third parties that buy debts that financial institutions have already written off, therefore, at +Credimas we guarantee that our professionals design special strategies so that this type of accounts can be eliminated.


It should be borne in mind that all trademarks that go directly to public records are assumed to be determinations of governmental entities, therefore, they are the ones that most affect the Score. That is why our team of experts is in charge of giving extreme priority to the correction of this type of negative marks.

What can i do?

Since 1970, the law allows credit repair processes, so at +Credimas we design cutting-edge strategies to correct these negative marks.

Improving your lifestyle

Due to the credit repair process, my credit history will allow me to be the financial face of my own business.

My goal of homeownership is getting closer and closer, because of the correction of my negative history.

Increasing my credit score with +Credimas will allow me to have the car that i wish.

Prioritize your expenses

If you prioritize your obligations, you can increase the score that will allow you to get what you want.

Monitor your credit score

What is not checked does not improve

Have a maximum of three credit cards

This is the optimal measure to maintain a good credit score

Use a primary credit card for your recurring payments

Monthly subscriptions and all recurring payments help increase your credit score

Schedule and set up automatic payments

Don't rely solely on your memory, schedule alarms, calendars, and make notes in spaces you frequent

With a negative score, this can happen

Rental denial

Low interest denial

Insurance denial

Credit denial


The credit history that you always want it Faster than you think

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