About us

We are a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of our costumers, helping them to correct negative marks, build a new credit history and increase their credit score through guaranteed strategies. We make this possible because of our team of experts agents, who personalize each case according to the needs of each person.


  • More than 10,000 costumers achieved the goal of owning their own home, through our customized credit repair processes.

  • Due to the elimination of more than 30,000 negative marks, our costumers have achieved their goals.

  • At +Credimas, more than $20,000 lines of credit have been approved to our costumers, even from the first month.

Hi, I want to improve my credit score.

Hello, Andrea. Ofcourse, yes. We are here to support you in what you need.

We know how important it´s your credit, so that's why at +Credimas, you always have experts agents to back you up.

We guarantee customized processes, according to the goals of each of our costumers.


  • Due to our omni-channel systems, our costumers can monitor their results in real time.

  • We protect he identity of our customers, that is why we provide them with insurance against identity theft and alerts on the use of their credit.

  • We audit each client's process one by one to guarantee the fulfillment of our promise of value.


  • At +Credimas we have more than 85% efficiency in eliminating negative marks.

  • Our processes guarantee that 80% of our costumers have a new line of credit, even from the first month.

  • Our cashback system includes identity theft insurance, credit monitoring and monthly credit reporting.

Our omni-channel system allows you to monitor your process and be connected to it, 24 hours a day.

Our experts customize your case according to your credit history needs and your proposed credit goals.



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