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Frequently asked questions

How much it cost to repair my credit?


All credit histories are different, for this reason, our specialists will help you with an analysis of your credit report, so you will have accurate information according to your needs.

How much time takes to repair my credit?


We have more than 85% of efficiency, in the increase of the score and in the applications to new credit lines, even from the first month of the process. A complex credit can take up to a year to reach the ideal score for the application of a house, therefore, our processes are personalized, the time depends on the need of each credit.

What are my customer service channels?


+Credimas is a pioneer company that is always at the forefront of personalized attention systems, that is why we have a 100% omnichannel system, where each of our costumers follows up 24 hours a day on our work and the continuous improvement of their credit, using:

- Artificial intelligence systems.
- +Credimas APP.
- Phone service lines.
- Website.
- E-mail.
- Text message.

Is it legal to repair credit?


Yes, since 1970 there are federal laws, such as the FCRA, that allow the credit repair process to be possible.

Does +Credimas give me loans?


At +Credimas, we are experts in repairing your credit history and increasing your credit score so that you can access any financial institution. We take care of connecting you with the banks and making the entire application process so that you can obtain the credit that you be availiable.