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This app is property and managed by CREDIMAS LLC, its online privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Here at CREDIMAS LLC, we want your online experience to be safe and satisfactory. Because we collect certain information from our users, we believe that our privacy policy and our terms and conditions should be fully comprehended. This privacy statement reveals what information we collect and how it is used.


When using this app, you are accepting treatment, collection and use of information of the holders by CREDIMAS LLC, in this sense read carefully this privacy policy and in case of agreement continue to use this app. In case of disagreement with the app, reject the terms and conditions of the present privacy notice, and use of this app will no longer be allowed.

In this sense it is posible that we collect part of or all information described below:

PERSONAL DATA OF THE OWNER: Identification data (full name, DNI, SSN, telephone number, address, signature, user name, IP address among others), some of your personal characteristics such as (preferences, hobbies, date of birth, among others) family and social circumstances (number of children, permits, license, etc) Laboral information (professional category, professional experience, income etc.) academic and professional data (titles, academic record, etc) financial data ( income, rent, bank statements, activities and businesses by the user, among others).

This information is used to prepare the management of your process and the credit repair process with CREDIMAS LLC. Exhausted the purpose for which personal data was collected, its use should be ceased and hence CREDIMAS LLC will adapt to security measures to guarantee its elimination.

Treatment of personal data for boys and girls and adolescents, will be proscribed except those of public nature.


It is also possible for treatment of sentisitve data (sensitive data is understood to be data that can affect the privacy of the user or its improper use due to discrimination, revelation of racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, philosophical or religiuos convictions, union membership, social organizations of human rights, or any organizations that promote interests of any political party that guarantee the rights or warranties of opposite political parties such as relative health, sexual or biometrical data). It is prohibited for any of this sensitive data to be treated without the consent of the user, it is reiterated to the user to carefully read the presented privacy policy. In case of agreement, continue to use the app, in case of disagreement, reject the terms and conditions of this privacy policy however, the use of this app will be interrupted.

Personal data will only be gathered when necessary and pertinently for the development of the social objective. Express authorization by the user is to be validated and verified for its treatment to be legitimate within the time frame and from a contractual relationship that comes from a legal authorization.

This information is used for the managment of your process and the credit repair process with CREDIMAS LLC. Exhausted the purpose for which personal data was collected, its use should be ceased and hence CREDIMAS LLC will adapt to security measures to guarantee its elimination.

In addition, it is informed that once the presented policy is accepted CREDIMAS LLC, can place a text file named “cookie” inside the navigator files of your computer or cell phone. This cookie itself does not contain personal information, even though it will allow us to relate your personal app use with the provided information in a specific and deliberately way. The only personal information a cookie can contain is the one provided by the user, a cookie cannot read data from your hard disc or read other files that have been created by other websites or apps. CREDIMAS LLC applies cookies to trace traffic patterns from the users (as mentioned above). Cookies can be rejected by deactivating them on your device, if you configured your browser to receive notifications before accepting cookies, a notification will be sent with each cookie. No need to actívate cookies is necessary for the use of this app.

This information is used to measure the number of users who access various sections of our app and to identify the performance of our system or any issues to be solved, this information is also used to expand our app coverage, analyze use of patterns, and to better usage of the app. Nevertheless, this information it is not used to associate terms or navigation patterns from the users.


CREDIMAS LLC, will manage technical, human and administrative measures that are required to grant registration security by avoiding the adulterate, loss, use, access or consulting which is not authorized or fraudulent. In this sense, your personal data should be protected by CREDIMAS LLC, we operate social media with safe data protected by a firewall industry standard and encryption protection systems.

Our security and privacy policies are revised and periodically are improving areas that are needed and only authorized personal have access to the administered information provided by our users.

CREDIMAS LLC, will not share information from individual users or third parties, except to comply with the applicable law and the legal process to protect the personal security from our users or the public. The process will only be allowed by those authorized by the main user or those provided by law. Any personal data, except the public information, will not be available online or any other media platform, except for technical and controlable access to offer restricted knowledge to the main user or others authorized by law.

All the people involved during the process of personal data that are not in the nature of public services are obliged to guarantee a reservation of information, even after a relationship has been completed with any work that includes the process.

The information subject of the mentioned process should be truthful, complete, exact, updated, ascertainable and comprehensible. It is prohibited to treat partial data, incomplete, fractionated or mislead.


You have the right to access for free your personal data that has been compromised during the process, CREDIMAS LLC, guarantees the right to obtain at any given time and without restrictions, information regarding and pertaining to the main user only. In case you need to familiriaze, modify or update any of this personal information a request must be sent to us via e-mail to where your request will processed.

The sent request can take up to (15) business days to be resolved, counting on from the date it was sent, and in case of this matter not to be resolved within the (15) day period we will inform the user, expressing the reasons or issues encountered and you will be receiving a new date where your request will be resolved. Any request will not be attended before the following (5) business days assigned.


The account holder or assignee that considers any of the contained information at CREDIMAS LLC database must be corrected, updated or suppressed should make a request via any of the channels authorized for this purpose, under the following rules

a) The claim must be stated in writing and electronically submitted to our e-mail at
b) The claim must have the following information:

Name of the account holder

  • Documents that prove identity of the account holder or the assignee
  • The account holder’s contact information (physical or electronic address, and contact numbers available)
  • A clear and precise description with the contact information regarding why is the account holder looking to excercise any of the rights
  • A detailed description of the facts giving rise to the claim
  • Any documents that support the claim

c) If the requested information is incomplete CREDIMAS LLC will require the account holder to correct the faults within the next following (5) days.

d) Two months passed after the request has been submitted, the account holder should have been able to provide or correct the required information, otherwise the request will be dismissed.

e) In case CREDIMAS LLC it’s not competent to resolve the claim, the claim will be passed on to whom it may concern in a period of (2) days and will keep the account holder informed and updated.

f) Once the claim has been received and completed, the data base would be updated with the phrase “pending request” and a detailed description of it within a period of (2) days will continue to appear until the request has been taken care of.

g) CREDIMAS LLC, will have a maximum term of (15) business days to attend any request after this request has been submitted. If for any reason the request cannot be processed within this time frame, the account holder will be informed and updated with a detailed explanation and a new date for the claim.


The account holder has the right to request CREDIMAS LLC, to partially or fully eliminate any personal information, content records, files, or database treated by CREDIMAS LLC when:

1. During the processing of your data the principles, legal and constitutional duties are not respected.

2. The collected data has ceased to be necessary or relevant.

3. The time frame for the request has passed.

4. It is extremely important to keep in mind, that the right of supression is not absolute and CREDIMAS LLC can deny this same right when:

  • The deletion request will not proceed when the account holder maintains any legal or contractual matter in the database
  • Database elimination can obstruct legal and administrative proceedings linked to fiscal obligations, investigation, prosecution of crimes and
    administrative sanctions update.
  • The collected data is necessary to protect the interests and wards of the owner, to perform an action legal and adquired by the main user.


The owner of the data may revoke authorization, by virtue of the free or voluntary request when there is no legal or contractual obligation that imposes on the owner.

The owner of the data can revoke consent when the process does not comply with the principles, rights and constitutonal guarantees legally.


If we decide to change our privacy policy we will publish any changes in our app so that every user can keep up to date with all information collected, how we use it and under what circumstances it is revealed.

Any time our privacy policy changes, the user will have the ability to identify in the app either an alert or notifiction.

In guarantee of your rights, for every policy update the account holder must accept the new data process (express and informed consent).

The credit repair process can only be validated, expressed and informed by the account holder. All personal records cannot be obtained or shared without the main user consent or in case of absence, the data will only be displayed to the assignee


The present policy will apply starting January, 13, 2023 with indefinite validity.

This policy can be modified by CREDIMAS LLC, at any given time, without prejudice of the previous. CREDIMAS LLC will inform by the means deemed appropriate of any substancial changes prior to said amendment coming into force.

Version: 1
Effcetive date: January, 13, 2023
Last Update: Januray 13, 2023


We like to clarify that if there are any other links, web pages or third parties found on the app those will have their own privacy policies that do not belong or are attached to CREDIMAS LLC. If other brand images are used, it is only to demonstrate or inform where this information comes from, without compromising or relating to other Company.